Freddie Welsh boxer

Freddie Welsh boxer
5′ 7″/170cm
United Kingdom

Freddie Welsh (born Frederick Hall Thomas; 5 March 1886 – 29 July 1927) was a Welsh World lightweight boxing champion. Born in Pontypridd, Wales, he was nicknamed the "Welsh Wizard". Brought up in a tough mining community, Welsh left a working-class background to make a name for himself in America. He turned professional as a boxer in Philadelphia in 1905, and spent the best part of his career fighting in the United States.Welsh spent much of his career chasing the world championship title, held in turn by Battling Nelson, Ad Wolgast and Willie Ritchie, failing through a series of events to meet each until a successful encounter with Ritchie in July 1914, when he finally became world lightweight champion. Welsh held the title until 1917 when he lost to Benny Leonard, though he continued to fight sparingly until 1922. During his career, he fought in more than 160 professional bouts, suffering defeat on just 5 occasions.A keen follower of Bernarr Macfadden's physical culture, Welsh believed in exercise and healthy living and was a non-smoker and a vegetarian. In the years following the end of his career, bad business choices cost him his fortune, and after numerous health problems he died in poverty in 1927.Freddie Welsh was born in Pontypridd on 5 March 1886, to John Thomas and his wife Elizabeth Thomas (née Hall). In the late 19th century, Pontypridd was a growing coal mining town, which attracted not only those wishing to make a living in the mines, but also middle-class professionals who saw an opportunity to make a living in a thriving community. Welsh's father was one such commercial immigrant, setting up a business on Taff Street as an auctioneer. Welsh's parents moved into 17 Morgan Street in the town, where Welsh was born. He had two younger siblings, a brother, Arthur Stanley and a sister, Edith Kate. Unlike most boxers of the period, Welsh had a privileged upbringing, at the age of four he attended Mr Mclune's Grammar School in Pontypridd and was privately educated at Long Ashton College in Clifton, Bristol. A few months after Welsh was born, his mother persuaded her husband to buy the Bridge Inn Hotel on Berw Road, and the family moved there. Welsh's mother was the daughter of a hotelier from Merthyr, and the Bridge Inn was her responsibility, as John Thomas was often away from home. When Welsh was ten, his father died. His mother, faced with running the hotel alone, sent Kate and Stanley to an aunt in Merthyr, while Welsh was sent to his maternal grandfather in Radyr. After a year, suffering from homesickness, Welsh returned home to Pontypridd. His mother later remarried, to Richard Williams, an innkeeper from Aberdare.When Welsh left school at the age of 14, he took up work as a boilerman (the 1901 census, when he was 15, has him recorded as an apprentice mechanical engineer) finding work with Llewellyn & Cubbitt of Pentre, Rhondda. At the age of 16 he and three friends decided to find a new life in Canada. They set sail from Liverpool to Vancouver arriving in January 1903, but although his companions were able to find work, Welsh struggled to hold down any steady jobs. It was in Canada that he took a serious interest in bodybuilding and became a firm advocate of Bernarr Macfadden's physical culture regime. After a year Welsh was again homesick and borrowed enough money to return to Britain, but with only $10 he was forced to travel as a worker on a cattle-boat.

Date Opponent Last Opponents' Results Place Result
1922-04-15 Archie Walker WWLWWL Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn LOST
1921-08-22 Clonie Tait WWWWWL Board of Trade Building, Winnipeg DRAW
1921-08-17 Bert Forbes LDWWLL Victoria Pavilion, Calgary WIN
1921-05-05 Tommy (Kid) Murphy debut Morristown WIN
Technical knockout
1921-05-03 Willie Jackson WDDLWL Summit WIN
1920-12-28 Willie Green WLDWL Newark WIN
Technical knockout
1917-05-28 Benny Leonard WWWWWW Manhattan Casino, New York LOST
Technical knockout
1917-05-01 Johnny Kilbane WLWWDW Manhattan Casino, New York LOST
1917-04-24 Chick Simler LLLLLL Town Hall, Scranton LOST
1917-04-20 Rocky Kansas WWWWWW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1917-04-17 Battling Nelson WWWLLW Coliseum, Saint Louis WIN
1917-01-16 Richie Mitchell DDWDWW Auditorium, Milwaukee LOST
1916-11-24 Eddie Wallace WLDLLD Sohmer Park, Montreal LOST
1916-11-20 Buck Fleming WLDWWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1916-11-03 Frankie Maguire WLDLLL Mishler Theatre, Altoona WIN
1916-10-28 Ben Allen debut Quebec City WIN
1916-10-26 Mike Ward debut Ottawa WIN
Technical knockout
1916-10-25 Bobby Wilson WLLDWD Sohmer Park, Montreal WIN
Technical knockout
1916-09-25 Kid Scaler WDWLWL Victoria Pavilion, Calgary DRAW
1916-09-22 Harry Anderson DWDWLD Arena, Seattle WIN
1916-09-04 Charley White WWWDDW Ramona A.C. Arena, Colorado Springs WIN
1916-07-28 Benny Leonard WWWWDW Washington Park A.C., Brooklyn WIN
1916-07-04 Ad Wolgast WWWWL Stockyards Stadium, Denver WIN
1916-06-08 Tommy Lowe DDDDWD Capitol City A.C., Ardmore WIN
1916-05-03 Frankie Maguire WWLWL Chestnut Street Auditorium, Harrisburg DRAW
1916-04-24 Ever Hammer DWWWWW Auditorium, Milwaukee LOST
1916-04-07 Richie Mitchell LWWWWL Auditorium, Milwaukee DRAW
1916-03-31 Benny Leonard WWWDWW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1916-03-24 Frank Ray Whitney WWLLD Harlem S.C., Harlem WIN
Technical knockout
1916-03-21 Phil Bloom WLLWLL Broadway Arena, Brooklyn WIN
1916-03-06 Ad Wolgast WWLLLD Arcadia Rink, Milwaukee WIN
1916-01-25 Johnny Griffiths WDWWWW Akron LOST
1916-01-17 Eddie McAndrews WWLLLL Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1916-01-01 Frank Ray Whitney LWLLWW Casino Skating Rink, Atlanta WIN
1915-12-13 Jimmy Murphy WWWDWW Olympia A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1915-12-09 Benny Palmer WDLLWW Memphis DRAW
1915-11-15 Johnny O'Leary DWDWWW Amphitheatre Rink, Winnipeg WIN
1915-07-03 Charley White LWWWWW Brighton Beach A.C., Brooklyn DRAW
1915-06-18 Johnny Lustig WLDLDL Ebbets Field, Brooklyn WIN
1915-05-24 Frankie Fleming WWWWWW Sohmer Park, Montreal WIN
1915-04-20 Red Watson LWDWLL Hudson WIN
1915-04-09 Billy Wagner WLDLLD Coliseum, Toledo WIN
1915-03-27 Johnny Lustig DLLLWL Montreal DRAW
1915-03-24 Patsy Drouillard DDDWLD Windsor A.C., Windsor WIN
1915-03-17 Hal Stewart WDLWLD Majestic Theatre, Fort Wayne WIN
1915-03-11 Willie Ritchie WWWLLD Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1915-02-25 Charley White WDLWWL Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1915-02-15 Jimmy Anderson WLLWWW Grand Rapids WIN
1915-02-09 Joe Shugrue WWWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1915-02-01 Johnny Griffiths WWLDLW Akron LOST
1915-01-26 Willie Beecher LWWWWW Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
1914-12-02 Joe Shugrue WWLLWW Madison Square Garden, New York LOST
1914-11-26 Young Abe Brown WDLWWL Arena, Syracuse WIN
1914-11-24 Fred Yelle LWWWWW Atlas A.A., Boston WIN
1914-11-19 Lockport Jimmy Duffy WWWLW Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo LOST
1914-11-09 Charley White WWWWWD Auditorium, Milwaukee WIN
1914-11-02 Ad Wolgast LLWLWL Madison Square Garden, New York WIN
Technical knockout
1914-10-27 Matty Baldwin LWDWDD Atlas A.A., Boston WIN
1914-07-07 Willie Ritchie WWWWWL Olympia, Kensington WIN
1914-05-25 Joe Mandot WDDWWW Pelican Stadium, New Orleans WIN
1914-04-28 Leach Cross WLLWWD Arena, Vernon WIN
1914-03-17 Mexican Joe Rivers WWLWWD Arena, Vernon WIN
1914-02-26 Lockport Jimmy Duffy WWDWWD Saint Louis LOST
1914-01-29 Leo Kelly DDWLLW Saint Louis WIN
1914-01-26 Earl Fisher DD Music Hall Arena, Cincinnati WIN
1914-01-15 Mickey Sheridan DLWDLL Kansas City WIN
1914-01-10 Sam Robideau WLWWDW National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1914-01-06 Frank Ray Whitney WDWWLD Armory Auditorium, Atlanta WIN
1914-01-01 Johnny Dundee WWWWWD Pelican Stadium, New Orleans WIN
1913-12-05 Arthur Ellis LWWWLL Montreal WIN
1913-11-25 Phil Bloom WWLWDL Atlantic Garden A.C., New York WIN
1913-10-20 Milburn Saylor WWWDWD Winnipeg WIN
1913-10-13 Leo Kossick DWLWWD Billings WIN
1913-10-08 Dick Hyland LLDWWD Butte WIN
1913-07-22 Martin Murphy W Fernie WIN
1913-07-19 Young Jack O'Brien DLDLLW Vancouver WIN
1913-06-12 Ray Campbell DDLWW Vancouver WIN
1913-05-31 Billy Farrell DD Moose Jaw WIN
1913-05-24 Kid Scaler WWDWDW Thistle Rink, Edmonton WIN
1913-05-16 Jack Redmond WWLWLL Winnipeg WIN
1913-04-28 Al Ketchell LDLLL Park City Theater, Bridgeport WIN
1913-03-06 Eddie Beattie LLWLLW Liverpool Stadium, Pudsey Street, Liverpool WIN
1913-03-03 Raymond Vittet DDWWWD Drill Hall, Sheffield WIN
Technical knockout
1913-02-28 Young Nipper LWWDLL Canterbury Music Hall, Lambeth WIN
1913-02-10 Paul Brevieres WWLWWL Market Hall, Aberdare WIN
Technical knockout
1912-12-16 Hughie Mehegan WLLWWW National Sporting Club, Covent Garden WIN
1912-11-11 Matt Wells WLWLWL National Sporting Club, Covent Garden WIN
1912-10-24 Jack Langdon LDLLLL Liverpool Stadium, Pudsey Street, Liverpool WIN
1912-08-16 Phil Knight DLLLLD Winnipeg WIN
1912-08-05 Grover Hayes LWWWD Winnipeg DRAW
1912-06-13 Grover Hayes LLWWW Columbus DRAW
1912-05-22 Lockport Jimmy Duffy WWWWWW Convention Hall, Buffalo WIN
1912-03-09 Winnipeg Jack O'Brien WD Winnipeg WIN
1911-11-30 Willie Ritchie DLWDWW Arena, Vernon WIN
1911-06-23 Matty Baldwin WDLWWL Auditorium Rink, San Francisco WIN
1911-04-12 Philadelphia Pal Moore LLWWWW New Amsterdam Opera House, New York WIN
1911-02-27 Matt Wells WWWLW National Sporting Club, Covent Garden LOST
1910-12-20 Jim Driscoll WWWWWL American Skating Rink, Cardiff WIN
1910-11-10 Dick Bailey DWLWLW Drill Hall, Burslem WIN
Technical knockout
1910-07-21 Joe Heathcote WDLDLW Liverpool Arena, Liverpool WIN
Technical knockout
1910-05-30 Packey McFarland WDWDWW National Sporting Club, Covent Garden DRAW
1910-04-25 Jack Daniels WWWWWW King's Hall, London Road, Southwark WIN
1909-11-08 Johnny Summers WW National Sporting Club, Covent Garden WIN
1909-09-06 Joe Fletcher WWWWW Pavilion, Mountain Ash WIN
1909-08-23 Henri Piet WDWLWW Grand Pavilion, Mountain Ash WIN
Corner retirement
1909-07-12 Young Joseph DWWWW Pavilion, Mountain Ash WIN
1909-05-25 Phil Brock DWWWWW Armory A.A., Boston WIN
1909-05-21 Jack Goodman WDWLDW Fairmont A.C., Bronx WIN
1909-05-07 Johnny Frayne LDWWLW Fairmont A.C., New York WIN
1909-03-16 Young Donahue DWLDLD New Orleans DRAW
1909-03-05 Ray Bronson WDDWDW West Side A.C., Gretna WIN
Technical knockout
1909-02-20 Young Erne LWWLWW New Orleans WIN
1909-02-02 George Memsic LLLWDL McCarey's Club, Los Angeles WIN
1908-11-25 Abe Attell DWWWWD Jeffries' Arena, Vernon WIN
1908-10-09 Harry Trendall WLWWDW Naud Junction Pavilion, Los Angeles WIN
1908-09-15 Frank Carsey DWWWLL McCarey's Pavilion, Los Angeles WIN
1908-08-14 Johnny Murphy DLWDWD Jeffries' Arena, Vernon WIN
1908-07-04 Packey McFarland WWWWWW Jeffries' Arena, Vernon DRAW
1908-05-30 Phil Brock DWWW Jeffries' Arena, Vernon WIN
1908-02-21 Packey McFarland WWWWWW Hippodrome, Milwaukee LOST
1908-01-31 Charles Neary WLLWWD Schlitz Park, Milwaukee DRAW
1908-01-17 Maurice Sayers WWWWLD Milwaukee Boxing Club, Milwaukee WIN
1908-01-02 Kid Locke DLWWDD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-12-25 Eddie Carter WLWWDW Wayne A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-12-11 Dave Deshler LLLDD Chelsea WIN
1907-12-02 Willie Fitzgerald DLWWWW Spring Garden A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1907-11-21 Boxer Kelly LWLLLW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-11-02 Cyclone Johnny Thompson WDLLWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1907-10-03 Gunner Hart LLLWWW Victoria Hall, Pontypridd WIN
Technical knockout
1907-09-16 Joe White WWWWWW Gymnasium, Pontypridd WIN
Technical knockout
1907-09-07 Seaman Arthur Hayes LLDWLD Victoria Hall, Pontypridd WIN
Technical knockout
1907-09-02 Jim Driscoll WWWWW Gess Pavillon, Pontypridd NC
1907-08-15 Dick Lee LWWWWW Welsh National A.C., Merthyr Tydfil WIN
1907-08-05 Young Lilley WWWWWW Victoria Hall, Pontypridd WIN
Corner retirement
1907-07-18 Syd Russell WLWLW Welsh National A.C., Merthyr Tydfil WIN
Technical knockout
1907-05-20 Johnnie Owens WWWWLW Victoria Hall, Pontypridd WIN
Technical knockout
1907-04-17 Evan Evans W Victoria Hall, Pontypridd WIN
1907-03-25 Young Joseph WWDWWW National Sporting Club, Covent Garden WIN
1907-02-18 Seaman Arthur Hayes WLWWLW National Sporting Club, Covent Garden WIN
1906-12-12 Kid Gleason DWLLLD Wayne A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-11-23 Willie Moody WWWWWW Nonpareil A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-11-12 Jimmy Dunn WWWWW Dayton DRAW
1906-08-31 Jimmy Dunn WWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-07-27 Hock Keys LWWWWD Dayton WIN
Technical knockout
1906-07-13 Young Erne LWDWWD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-06-29 Billy Glover WWDWWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-06-15 Frank Carsey WWDLWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-06-08 Mike Loughlin WWDLWL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-05-19 Kid Gleason LLDWDD National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-05-12 Jack Reardon WDDWLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-05-10 Tim Callahan DLWWWL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-05-03 Billy Willis WWLWDW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-04-23 Matty Baldwin WWWWWW Washington S.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-04-21 Tommy Love LLWLWW National A.C., Philadelphia LOST
1906-04-19 Jimmy Devine LLDWWW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1906-04-14 Frank Carsey DLWWWW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1906-04-11 Billy Maharg WDWWDW Tuxedo A.C., Essington LOST
1906-03-31 Johnny Dohan WLWLDW National A.C., Philadelphia DRAW
1906-03-28 Eddie Lenny DLDLWL Tuxedo AC, North Essington WIN
1906-03-24 Kid Stinger LLLLLL National A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-03-08 Tommy Love LLDDLL Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-02-22 Tommy Feltz LLDLDW Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1906-02-08 Eddie Fay WLWDDD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
Technical knockout
1906-01-25 Johnny Kelly LDLLDD Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN
1905-12-21 Young Williams debut Broadway A.C., Philadelphia WIN